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Important Info TeamSpeak & Salty Chat Setup

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Feb 7, 2022
Step 1: Download TeamSpeak 3 Client (download here)


Step 2: Close TeamSpeak & Download/Install Salty Chat Plugin (download here)


Step 3: Setting Up TeamSpeak & Salty Chat


  • Turn off audio alerts ("user joined your channel", etc..)
    • Tools > Options > Notifications
      • Set Sound Pack to "Sounds Deactivated"
      • While Output Muted: "Play No Sounds"
  • Setting up your Mic and Output options
    • Playback Device
      • Select your output device and play test sound
    • Capture Device
      • Select your microphone
    • Release Delay
      • Amount of time after Push To Talk (PTT) release to keep sending your audio to prevent clipping
    • Reduce Playback Volume By
      • While pressing your PTT button, this will redouce other players voices by the specific amount
    • Add Voice Activity Detection
      • Keep this setting off (recommended)
  • Salty Chat Settings
    • Plugins > Salty Chat > Settings
      • 3D Voice
        • Enabling 3D voice will allow voip to be directional based on your position in-game
      • Phone
        • This setting allows you to select whether you want your phone transmit audio to left/right/stereo
      • Primary Radio
        • This setting allows you to select whether you want your primary radio transmit audio to left/right/stereo
      • Secondary Radio
        • This setting allows you to select whether you want your secondary radio transmit audio to left/right/stereo

Step 4: Connecting to Frenzy Server
  • Connecting
    • Open TeamSpeak Client
    • Connect > Connect
    • Server Nickname or Address
      • ki.frenzyrp.com:9988
    • No Password
    • Input your nickname (katahtonic, etc..)
    • Click Connect
    • Upon successful connection, you will be placed in the Waiting Room channel.
  • Connecting to City General
    • Once Salty Chat detects that you're loaded into the server, Salty Chat will move you into the City General channel.

  • In game voice chat needs to be turned OFF. If you leave it on, you will either be heard by or hear people that are nowhere near you.
  • Radios will not work from VERY far distances. They will also have distortion the further away you are from each other.
  • If you're looking for the old mic clicks that we used to have for mumble, visit the link here: https://drive.google.com/drive/u/0/folders/17m-IlYauPRO1yGfdRE7thsvAoc7s18Nc

Troubleshooting & FAQs
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